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summer school, and even a program to track the benefits and usage of curriculum aids for teachers, along with many other things.

Rentz spoke on the grants and their potential to provide to the school. “I think it is a rare blessing to not only receive this amount of money, but to be able to pour it back into our school system,” he emphasized.

With the large amount of funds remaining from ESSER, Harrelson proposed that money be allocated to the school system staff for their hard work during the pandemic. “Everyone has really stepped up and worked diligently in this difficult time,” she said. “With the school receiving this large amount of money, I think it is more than appropriate that we give some to our employees.”

According to Harrelson, to provide all 180 staff members with a supplemental pay of $3,000 and FICA for FY22 and FY23 would cost a total of $548,337, which would leave the remaining ESSER III funds amounting to $2,794,806. “To see this amount in comparison to the total received is incredible. It truly is like a drop in the bucket for an important cause,” she emphasized.

Board members thanked Harrelson for her clarification regarding the government funding, and reassured they will consider the decision.

Other Business

Five Montgomery County staff members will receive extra compensation for their work with contract tracing during the pandemic. Coordinator Patricia Osting will receive $3,000 for her work with contract tracing for COVID throughout the entire school system, while Montgomery County Elementary School Secretary Latoya Snead will be given $2,000 for her work in contract tracing in the elementary school. Montgomery County Middle and High School Nurse Sheila Clark will receive $2,000 for her work during both semesters of the school year. Former Montgomery County Elementary School Interim Nurse Whitney Connell, who served students last semester, and current Montgomery County Elementary School Nurse Beth Williamson will each receive $1,000 compensation for their work with the students for a single semester. These payments will be issued as a one-time payout, which will not be subject to Teacher Retirement System payment. The funding for this compensation comes from the money received from the South Central Health District from a previous agreement made with the school to ensure proper protocol during the pandemic.

The school rescinded the decision to approve a bid from Dublin Signs for a new LED sign for the elementary school because of an issue with the approved pricing. Due to a complication regarding paperwork, the Board passed a bid that did not include the price of installation and labor, making it necessary for the correct amount to be voted upon. The Board unanimously agreed to contract Dublin Signs for the task, which will cost $33,112.67 total.

Board members also unanimously passed a motion to pay $2,000 for new track lines to be added for the recently developed 4×200 m and 4×800 m races. The facility will host sectionals in the spring, which requires these changes to be made.

Michael Nobles was hired as a custodian and began his new position on Thursday, while Montgomery County Elementary School Special Education Teacher Margaret Higginbotham’s resignation was accepted by the Board. Higginbotham will complete the school year before her resignation is effective.

The next work session for the BOE will be Wednesday, February 23, at 5 p.m., while the regular February meeting of the Board will occur Monday, February 28 at 6 p.m.

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