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agree with your risk assessments and join you in moving on while the pandemic still rages.”

But that’s precisely what Goldberg and Haines are doing — forcing other people to take measures that the science does not support in order to maintain their emotional comfort. Boosters are not stopping omicron. Nothing short of N95 masks is stopping omicron. The disease is now endemic, which is why Dr. Hans Kluge of the World Health Organization’s European region stated this week, “Omicron offers plausible hope for stabilization and normalization.”

But there will be no normalization for those who have made pandemic paranoia a feature of their identity. That’s because the public health establishment has now successfully cultivated a large group of people who measure their moral value by just how compliant and panicked they remain over COVID- 19: Fully 68% of people fully vaccinated with boosters remain very or somewhat worried about getting sick from COVID- 19 in the next year, compared with just 39% of those who are unvaccinated. This is the precise opposite of what the public health authorities should have achieved — but expressive individualism has won the day once again, conflating one’s feelings with one’s identity group.

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