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Most folks religion is a git religion. Git all I can, can all I git and then set on the can! It ain’t no real salvation which is a give religion. And I ain’t just talking about the god money. The great Apostle Paul that gave up riches and wealth for Christ and called all that cheap mess nothing but dung which is horse manure. I gave up a good paying job with no money and no benefits to go out into a very charitable ministry by natural hard core faith. Paul said to present or give your bodies as a living sacrifice. This little orphan boy in 1942 was on the streets barefooted in the spring of the year and he came up on a church with the doors open and the preacher was talking about Jesus and that little barefoot dirty boy walked inside and sit on the back to hear more and that day he fell in love with Jesus and the preacher told them that the offering was going to feed the hungry and tell them about Jesus Christ. So as they passed the offering plates when they were near the boy he cried out, “Oh please put that plate on the floor,” and he kept on and so the usher did as he wished to shut him up and he stepped his little bare feet into that plate and with tears streaming down his face he said, “Lord I have nothing to give but I give you myself!” What a great gift to give of one’s self to Christ. That living sacrifice holy and acceptable in the sight of God. I am crying now as I write this piece. So I will say amen!


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