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Hart Is Toombs County School System’s Teacher of the Year

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Toombs Central Elementary School teacher Laura Hart has been named the Toombs County School System’s Teacher of the Year. The announcement was made during the Toombs County Board of Education meeting on December 9, during which the Board also recognized Teacher of the Year recipients in each of the system schools. When announcing Hart as the recipient of this award, BOE Faculty Member Pam Sears shared what fellow educators had said about Hart. Hart was described as a truly gifted educator whose main strength is motivating students, Sears said, adding that work colleagues had also noted, “Her rapport with students is outstanding. She is a committed teacher that gives so much to her students. Her love and passion for teaching her students is continuously evident. She offers love, acceptance, and grace. She works daily to not only inspire her students but also her colleagues.”

Sears said that Hart’s fellow educators mentioned her lively teaching style “that captures and holds the attention of every child. Some people are lucky enough to discover their gift at a young age, and use their adult years to make a dramatic influence at their work place. She does this daily in her classroom.”

Hart, who was also the recipient of the Toombs Central Elementary School Teacher of the Year award, has worked in the Toombs County School System for 10 of her total 19 year-career, and currently serves as a 3rd grade Reading/ELA and Social Studies instructor. Outside of teaching, Hart enjoys spending time with family, baking, crafting and going to the beach.

Hart commented, “Being recognized as Teacher of the Year is an amazing honor. Without my family, and my fellow coworkers, past and present, I could not do the job that I am privileged to do each day. My students and my amazing work family inspire me daily to be a better teacher and a better person.”

Other teachers of the year included: Lyons Primary School Teacher Heather Kight, Lyons Upper Elementary School Teacher Dee Tapley, Toombs County Middle School Teacher Dana Burton, and Toombs County High School Teacher Heather Moore.

Heavy Equipment Pathway Approved Toombs County Schools Superintendent Barry Waller announced that the recently developed Heavy Equipment Operations Pathway has been approved by the Georgia Department of Education.

Waller shared his sentiments on this approval. “The work that was done here in Toombs County got the state Department of Education to create that pathway. I am excited for all this pathway will bring to our area, and hope it brings positive change to other areas as well. Community Partnership Award The City of Lyons was given the Toombs County Schools Community Partnership Award for its close relationship with the school system. City Manager Jason Hall accepted this award from Waller on behalf of the city government. “We have partnered with the City of Lyons to allow the Recreation Department to play football at The Pit,” Waller told the public. “We are partnering with the City of Lyons as we transition the old school building to them, and we do countless other things through our relationship with the City.” Waller illustrated the cooperation between the Toombs County School System and the Lyons City government by noting that the School Resource Officer for the school system receives pay from both the school and the city administration.

“We are interwoven in a lot we do in a small town, and it is an honor to have a partnership with the City because it is not like that everywhere.”

Other Items

Faculty member Julie Spivey thanked the Board on behalf of the entire school system staff for their willingness to pay a $10,000 life insurance policy for all staff members. “I recently had a friend pass that worked as a nurse in a neighboring system that does not provide that insurance for their staff,” Spivey explained. “It was very nice to be reminded that we work for a county that truly values their employees and provides for them.” Spivey continued to say that this insurance is not common amongst many school systems and was another element that made working for Toombs County Schools an enjoyable career.

Waller informed the public that the former Board of Education office building and old bus shop are being transitioned to new owners and tenants. The Temples Company will sponsor a closing between Toombs County Schools and the purchaser of the old Board of Education offices within 30 days. The City of Lyons will soon take possession of the old bus shop after reaching an agreement with the Board.

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP – The Toombs County Board of Education awarded the City of Lyons the Community Partnership Award to recognize the benevolent relationship between the school system and the city government. Shown above, City Manager Jason Hall, left, accepts the award from Superintendent Barry Waller on behalf of the city.Photo by Makaylee Randolph

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