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continued from page ramic branch, ….

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ramic branch, along with a plastic star on the top. She fed a small lamp light through a hole in the back and plugged it in. It was stunning!

The little ceramic tree decorated our home for many years, along with mistletoe hung in our foyer, Christmas cards taped to a door, and of course, the big green Eastern cedar tree we embellished with lights, round Christmas ornaments wound with red, shimmery silk threads, and handfuls of tinsel each year.

The Christmas decorations I unbox each year pale in comparison to the simple decorations of my childhood, but still, they help me get into the spirit of the season. I hope each of you finds comfort in the sweet holiday memories that flood your mind this year. May you look back at your childhood Christmases and smile at the simplicity of it all, the beauty and magic we experienced, and the love we felt from those around us.

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