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Lyons Receives Rural Workforce Housing Grant of $ 1,633,672

On April 17, 2024, The City of Lyons was awarded a grant of 1.6 million dollars to support the construction of housing in the community.

These funds will allow the City to provide much-needed infrastructure for a development where twenty-seven single-family homes will be constructed. This 14.5-acre subdivision at the intersection of Bulldog Road and Parker Street will supply homes for our growing workforce. Parker Place subdivi­continued from page

sion fills a need outlined in the 2024 Toombs County Housing Study. The multi-jurisdictional study focused on the need for housing in Toombs County. The study indicated a need for housing for those working in our community. The types of homes slated to be constructed in the Parker Place subdivision fit the needs outlined in the Housing Study.

Mayor Willis D. Ne-Smith Jr. stated that he was excited to receive the news of the Grant. 'We have strong commercial and industrial job opportunities in Lyons and Toombs County. These homes will allow us to keep our workforce close to home so they can take advantage of the amenities offered by our community, making Lyons truly a Live, Work and Play City'. He further stated that he is “grateful for the contribution of the State of Georgia and Governor Kemp's initiatives to support rural housing and the partnership with three investors who have been working with the City of Lyons for the last two years to service the community's housing shortage and appreciates their willingness to invest in Lyons, Georgia.'

The subdivision's location, adjacent to Bulldog Road, provides a picturesque living environment. The project is within walking distance from all four Toombs County schools and a short drive to the thriving downtown Lyons shopping and dining establishments. Mr. Randy Philips, one of the investors, was eager to work with the city on this project and stated, “That the project was well received, and the city leadership was easy to work with'. The location offers immediate access to city water, sewer, highspeed internet, and phone services. The grant for the housing project was written by Georgia Grants and Consulting LLC. The President of the firm, Mr. Nick Overstreet, expressed his pleasure in writing the grant and his joy in knowing the positive impact it would have on the community of Lyons. Mayor NeSmith praised Mr. Overstreet's expertise in this field and supported his efforts in obtaining the grant. The City Council was thrilled to hear of this award and applauded the work of those involved. This project will have long-lasting effects on our community. Thecouncil member for Ward 4, Mr. John Moore Jr., expressed excitement about the future progress of the City of Lyons. He said, 'Lyons is a small city with BIG plans. Just keep an eye on us.”

The city has already begun the process of grant acceptance and engineering.

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