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RTCA Lady Crusaders Drop 2

Robert Toombs Christian Academy's girls basketball team competed at Edmund Burke Academy's First Annual Thanksgiving Tournament on Monday, November 22, and Tuesday, November 23. vs. Briarwood

RTCA took on Briarwood Academy in their first game of the tournament, but came up short 29-20. RTCA was down 23-9 going into the fourth quarter. The girls fought hard to battle back and got the score within 5 points with only one minute left in the game, but had to keep fouling to keep the game going. Ultimately, they lost to Briarwood due to free throws late in the game. Sophomore Ansley Akins scored 6 points, and Emmie Davis had 9 rebounds for the Lady Crusaders. 'I am very proud of the girls' effort during this game. Briarwood was a top 5 team from last year with several returning players. They were bigger than us which allowed them to be better on the boards. We have to simply stop making easy turnovers and rebound better. We are still a young team and will continue to improve each game,' said Head Coach Jacob Wilkinson. vs. EBA

The following day, the Lady Crusaders took on Edmund Burke Academy. The Lady Crusaders had a better game but still came up short losing 32-29. The Lady Crusaders played better defense and did a better job rebounding and committed far less turnovers.

Freshman Meredith Durden scored 7 points with 9 rebounds. Sophomores Rachel Threlkeld had 6 points and Emmie Davis had 11 rebounds.

Coach Jacob Wilkinson stated, 'I wanted the girls to be more aggressive on the offensive side and we did just that. The girls took open shots and didn't rush anything, we just didn't have all of our shots fall but that will come. We can defend with the best teams, we just have to make some of those easy shots and capitalize on our free throws, which we did the game before being 100% from the line. I'm very proud of everyone on our team. Being a young team, everyone has to get used to what we're doing this year which is a five and five rotation. I haven't done it before but as young as we are, I feel like it's the right direction for our program.' Both the RTCA boys and girls have two big home games this week against two AAA schools. On Tuesday after presstime they took on Trinity Christian Academy. On Friday, December 3, the Lady Crusaders will take on Bulloch Academy at 6:00 p.m. with the boys to follow.

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