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Leftists Panic, Redouble Effort to Keep Minorities ‘In Their Place’

When the leader of your party can only be viewed as popular when compared to the number 2 person in your party, your party has problems. That’s where Democrats find themselves right now. The only person voters like less than President Joe Biden is Vice President Kamala Harris. It couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving group of humans. The panic it has started is not only something to behold, but something Republicans had better prepare for.

Republicans need to pay attention because Democrats painted into a corner will become more desperate than usual, and desperate Democrats are capable of some truly horrible things (think Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson). Short of attempted mass murder, leftists are launching an effort to make sure that any black or brown person who looks at the generational failure of Democrat policies and considers a different path forward learns their place. The minority vote is the only voting bloc, aside from rich New York or Los Angeles liberals, that Democrats have been able take for granted. If even a small percentage of that vote entertains voting Republican, or even simply sitting out elections, it’s over for Democrats.

They know it, and leftists are scrambling to prevent it. Business Insider reported this week about how progressive group “Stung by a gubernatorial loss in Virginia and a close call in New Jersey, progressives are getting impatient with the Democratic Party’s organizing efforts and taking matters into their own hands, according to an internal memo seen by Insider.”

A leftist group “is getting more skilled organizers on the ground earlier to ensure Democratic message is resonating in communities of color,” according to the story. It’s essentially activists putting people of color on notice that they’d better learn, know, and obey their place in the Democratic Party…or else.

The story reports, “A strategy memo the nonprofit Re:Power shared exclusively with Insider concluded that unless Democrats do so, they will continue to bleed support from single parents; Black, Latino, and Asian voters; and young people from underrepresented communities.”

Feel the sense of entitlement and ownership.

As if the “owning” of the minority vote weren’t enough, the story pretty much lays it out in plain language. Karundi Williams, executive director of Re:Power, told Business Insider, “The message continues to be against this villain versus what are you actually going to do for me and my community. Somehow I feel like the Republicans have found these bread-and-butter issues that are reso- continued from page

nant with their communities more than our messaging is being resonant with our community.”

Note the “their communities” and “our community” bits. That’s a sense not only of belonging, but of ownership. Stray from what is expected, what is accepted, and watch your back. Ask Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, or Tim Scott how accepting and tolerant these left-wing activists are when conformity is denies them, the answer isn’t pretty.

Democrats are terrified at the prospect of more minorities breaking with what they’ve deemed acceptable thoughts and actions. The story highlights “A Pew Research Center analysis estimated that 92% of Black voters and 59% of Hispanic ones picked Biden. Democrats know they can’t afford to lose that support in the 2022 midterms and in the 2024 presidential election.” That Hispanic number scares the hell out of Democrats. If they lose the Hispanic vote, it’s over.

How Democrats have gone about trying to win the Hispanic vote is the why they’re losing so much of it. Black voters have a history of slavery in this country. No one alive experienced it, but the liberal industrial complex controlling education and pop culture have people living in fear of a boogeyman who doesn’t exist anymore and was a Democrat when he did. It works – black voters in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc., vote for Democrats for generations because the alternative is worse, somehow, in their minds. That’s conditioning.

Hispanics don’t have that history. They have a history of oppression by socialism, by their government. That oppression was ushered in under the banner of compassion, as it always is. They or their families fled what Democrats are selling. All the identity politics in the world won’t change the stories told by grandmas and grandpas about how they ended up in the land of the free.

That’s what these progressive groups hope to, and need to, counter: reality. Lies can be very powerful, but never as powerful as personal experience. As Hispanics dabble in GOP voting, it might attract some interest from black voters who’ve noticed 5060 years of blind loyalty has only led to the disintegration of cities and families. Something as small as a 5-10 percent shift there, and it’s game over for the left. They’ll do absolutely anything to prevent that.

Derek Hunter is Washington, DC, based writer, radio host and political strategist. He has previously worked for several prominent conservative non-profits as an analyst in health, education, technology and judicial policies, as well as a press secretary in the US Senate. Additionally, Derek helped found the Daily Caller, where he is a contributor. You can also stalk his thoughts 140 characters at a time on Twitter.

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