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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

Leah Barkoukis, online features editor at By these standards, Biden himself said he shouldn't be president.

“220,000 Americans dead,” [Biden} said during the Oct. 22, 2020, debate. “You hear nothing else I say tonight, hear this. Anyone who … is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United States of America.”

So it stands to reason that if Biden’s “plan” would have prevented the 220,000 deaths that had happened before the November 2020 election, it should have prevented the 341,000+ who’ve died since he got the keys to the White House. Right? ( Issues and Insights)

John Stossel, political commentator and author: Let parents choose.

Children are too important to be entrusted to unions or government monopolies. Competition, parental choice, would bring innovation that will make schools much better.

After Glenn Youngkin won the race for governor, he said, 'We're going to introduce choice within our public school system.'

If he does it, it's about time.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) which represents all rank-and-file Border Patrol agents nationwide: Biden hides as his administration considers rewarding illegal immigrants — with your money.

Instead, President Biden is trying to hide behind closed door proceedings while taxpayers wouldn’t immediately know why millions of dollars are being given to those who broke our laws.

Under President Joe Biden’s leadership, American citizens are held to much higher standards than people from other countries who break our laws and cross our borders illegally. Under the president’s leadership, failure is success so long as he can make it fit the narrative. The rule of law needs to be restored in Biden’s America and we need to return to normalcy.

Greg Gutfeld, host of Gutfeld! and cohost of The Five: Welcome to the decade of lower expectations.

So – let them eat cake until the price of milk, eggs, and sugar makes that no longer possible! Because more people needing handouts means more potential Democrat votes.

But even Biden’s chief of staff admits things are looking bad. 'It’s been a rough and tough year. And we knew it would be, president Biden has said this all the time, we’re in a year-long effort, to dig out of the holes we were left.'

Yeah, the holes. They're digging out of holes. No, they just dug them deeper. And where there weren’t any holes, like the energy sector, they went out and dug new ones.

So that’s the scam. Run the country into the ground, even under the ground – cuz they're not affected. It’s all on you, and you better suck it up. Unless, in a year, you go to polls, and treat them all like dirt.

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