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RTCA K3 LEARNS ABOUT THE FARM — Robert Toombs Christian Academy’s K-3 students have been learning about farm animals and the farming lifestyle during the month of October. They discussed the different farm animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, etc., and they talked about what farmers grow during each season. K-3 students Milo Pittman and Fisher Dismuke requested the help of their dads for a little show last Friday. Mitchell Pittman, current Board Member and alumnus of RTCA, brought two piglets from the farm for the students to pet. Pittman also talked about the different foods they farm at Pittman Farms and brought a few examples for the students. Daniel Dismuke provided a tractor for the students to check out and take pictures with. L to R: Daniel Dismuke, Weston Williams, Nash Turner, Avery Collins, Brody White, Maddox Joiner, Imani Hart, Cash Coley, Everly Dykes, Maggie Beckham, Hudson Hughes, Nettaley Coursey, Milo Pittman, Fisher Dismuke, Paisley Coursey, and Mitchell Pittman.

MASTERING BASIC FACTS — Mrs. Sandy Adams’s class has been working hard on mastering all basic facts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. One program they use is called Xtra Math. Students begin by taking a pretest. The program places each student on his or her ability level. Each day, students participate in timed drills. Once the student has mastered one operation, he or she moves to the next. Linn Carter, a fifth grade student at WCES, has mastered all four operations. Linn received a certificate and a prize.

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