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Progressives have proposed new taxes on unrealized capital gains and Roth IRAs. This is a betrayal of the American people, pure and simple. Millions of people have invested and planned their family’s finances in good faith based on the rules that were in effect at the time of the original investment. Now Progressives want to change the rules after the game has started? This is beyond belief.

American Hostages Ignored This administration abandoned hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan by evacuating our military before all the civilians were out. How is that even remotely possible? What genius approved that plan? Just because the liberal media (network news, the N.Y. Times, the Washington Post, CNN/MSNBC, et al.) don’t continually trumpet, “The president has abandoned American hostages to the Taliban!” the way they would if it were President Trump, that doesn’t mean it’s not true. It’s just further proof of how corrupt the liberal media are and how totally gullible and ignorant the average Progressive voter is.

Space here is limited, but there are seemingly countless other areas in which this administration is wrecking the country with its utter incompetence and blind loyalty to its political philosophy: the supplychain disaster, the destructive wokeness that is undermining our military’s ability to do its job, the imminent firing of thousands of health care workers, fire and police personnel, ambulance drivers, and air control operators for their hesitation about being vaccinated. In every way imaginable, the country seems to be falling apart because of one misguided Progressive policy after another.

Note that none of the forgoing is a mere hypothetical “stylistic” objection to the way the administration is handling things. On the contrary, everything that’s been detailed above is real, tangible, and substantive. Progressives hated President Trump’s so-called continued from page

mean tweets, or the way they said he personally disrespected other world leaders in one-on-one meetings. Confront a Progressive with actual facts, like that President Trump gave us the lowest Black/Hispanic/ female unemployment in fifty years — a direct result of his administration’s business- friendly initiatives leading to confident expansion and aggressive hiring — or the fact that his energy policies led to our becoming energy-independent while still preserving our environmental integrity or the reality of illegal immigration coming under control for the first time in generations, and the typical Progressive response was, “Yeah, fine, but he made fun of a disabled reporter! Impeach him!” The objections to President Trump were 99% style-based, emotion over substance. Under President Trump, people’s daily quality of life improved greatly, business was terrific, gas and heating prices were low, NATO was finally anteing up, but Progressives didn’t like his gruff demeanor and too long red ties. How intellectual.

We should be so lucky now. This administration is doing real harm to a frighteningly wide swath of people every day, with every new policy and proclamation.

Now there’s a new one that could be the most unbelievable thing ever: Progressives want to give $450K to every illegal alien for the “psychological trauma” all of them suffered from being separated at the border during the Trump years. Can they be serious? The talk is that this will come about by executive order, bypassing Congress, where even some Democrats would likely reject this insanity. If this happens, it exponentially increases the incentive to come here illegally. It’ll explode the national debt beyond all bounds of manageability. It will crush the taxpayer and threaten the foundation of our economic system, from every angle. Yet it’s being talked about seriously. Whether it actually comes to pass or not is not the point.

The point is that to the new Progressive way of thinking and governing, no entitlement is too much; no amount of government vote-buying bribery is beyond the pale. There is not even the slightest recognition by Progressives about the economic danger of uncontrolled deficit spending. If this $450K/immigrant ploy doesn’t pan out, rest assured that there will be another, even more astonishing hare-brained scheme to follow, quicker than you can imagine.

Sadly, as long as Progressives run the government, that is true.

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