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in the absence of the County Manager, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. To receive this licensure, owners of the business that is applying must be found to be reputable.

If the County Manager or Chairman deny an application, owners of the applying business have 30 days to make an appeal to the Board of Commissioners. After filing this appeal, the Commissioners have 60 days to make a final decision on the licensure.

This application process is only valid for the application for offsite beverage consumption. All other applications must go through the entire Board of Commissioners.

Rescission of Tax Overpayment Refund

Commissioners voted to rescind the previously passed resolution to refund Montgomery County Property Owners Bobby and Melinda Gibbs for their overpayment of property taxes.

Last month, the Commission authorized Gibbs to receive $1,351.69 as a refund for 7 years of overpaid property taxes, which resulted from an error in information about the property. The Board of Commissioners has decided to hold off on this action until they obtain legal counsel on the issue.

Speed Ordinance Amendment Adoption

The Commission has overseen the process of traffic studies by EMC Engineers for several months, as it prepared to set the speed limits for countymaintained, off-system paved roads. These studies have now led to the beginning of the speed limit adoption process, which began at the October 11 meeting. For more information regarding roads affected and the proposed speed limits, visit the Montgomery County website.

Forestry Building Repair

The forestry building at Earthsaver Drive will receive several improvements to rid the structure of mold, thanks to the unanimous approval of Commissioners. The total cost for these repairs is $7,900 and will make the building sustainable for several more years of use. Commissioners approved the building to be sprayed for mold and have waterproof material placed underneath as a moisture barrier. The Commission also approved the removal of mold-infected sheetrock and replacement with new sheetrock, as well as the caulking, painting, and repair of crown molding.

Timber Bid

Tar Land and Timber, Inc. will purchase 9 acres of timber from the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners for $12,199; this sale follows the bid and contract search which Commissioners conducted to harvest trees from 208 Earthsaver Drive.

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