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RTCA Holds Powderpuff Game

Robert Toombs Christian Academy held their 2nd Annual Powderpuff Football Game on Tuesday, September 28, at McLendon Field. There were two teams vying for the win. The Navy team consisted of the senior and sophomore girls playing against the Columbia team, which consisted of the junior and freshman girls. Seniors Tyler Buggs and Jackson Newton, and sophomore Hayden Kight coached the Navy team. Junior Sebastian Holmes and freshman TJ Stanley coached the Columbia team. The game consisted of two 20-minute halves and a 5-minute halftime. This event was a great success last year and all students, players, coaches, and fans looked forward to the big game again this year. The Navy team was able to score a touchdown first by senior Ellie Graham and was also able to get the two point conversion, bringing the score to 8-0 early in the first half. The Columbia team then got the ball, and junior Mary Claire Wolf scored a touchdown dashing into the end zone earning the Columbia team 6 points. They then went for the 2 point conversion and were successful, tying the game at 8-8. Sophomore Rachel Threlked then scored a 60yard touchdown for the Navy team, and quarterback Emmie Davis scored the 3 point conversion bringing the score to 17-8. The Columbia team had 2 yards to the goal line, but sophomore Caroline Thompson from the Navy team pulled the quarterback, freshman Maddie Joyner's, flag just before getting into the end zone.

The Navy team then had the ball, but flags were pulled in the end zone resulting in a safety for the Columbia team earning them two points, bringing the score to 17-10.

The Navy team ended up winning the game with chants sounding from the team as the clock ran out. Good sportsmanship and teamwork were shown from both teams. All proceeds from the game went to RTCA’s Art program. A huge thank you to Mrs. Courtney Absher for organizing and making this event happen for the students.

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