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The Torch Is In Our Hands

I sit within a rotting capitol, bloated with bureaucrats who line their pockets with the last workingman’s dollars. Within the shadow of the Washington Monument flies swarm over rotting garbage. In our Nation’s own reflection pool trash floats. Once a child could gaze into the waters and see nothing but the shadows of this Nation’s greatest leaders, now we see the stains that we are spreading across this Nation.

Poverty, homelessness, and filth surround the heart of this nation. Within sight of the steps of the Capitol, homeless gather in mini refugee camps. This is no city on a hill. No modern Athens or Rome. No beacon of freedom and liberty. The light of our Founding Fathers burns dim. Their idealism has been replaced by hypocrisy.

Our leaders do nothing. Instead, they sit beneath lady freedom and build walls between us and them. Reminding us that they are the elites. That they must be protected. That our Nation’s border does not need to be guarded, but they do. Guards fully equipped with automatic weapons stand on every corner, as our leaders give speeches about defunding the police and taking guns away. They aim to remind us that their wealth originated in this Nation’s injustices. So we should not mind as they fill their pockets with our money. Even as they grow richer, this Nation grows poorer. Debts that would make Marie Antoinette blush continue to rise. Yet somehow, even this is not enough. Money is being printed every day. Our leaders are leaving my generation and future generations with more debt and a weaker dollar. All this so they can try and claim their spot in their new American history?

What is this new America they are creating? Is it a better America? Is it one of equality and brotherhood? One that can surpass the ideal of, “all men are created equal?” No! This new nation is a racist and vile place. One where a person’s color is their identity. One where the sexuality of a person defines them. To these new intellectual elites, it matters not what a person does, but rather how they were born. Anybody can feed a family, but how many can claim to be an African American pansexual transexual who graduated from Harvard with a degree in women’s studies? This is no longer a Nation of Character, but rather a Nation of Labels. We were once the Nation of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Fredrick Douglas, John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and Susan B Anthony. Now we are colors, sexual preferences, and nonbinary. Counted as numbers instead of as people. Black, White, and the shades in between. A man today is not judged by his actions, but by the color of his skin. In fact, there are not even men and women anymore. Just groups of people arranged by their race and choice of partner. Excuse me, partners.

It is so obvious we have regressed; led blind by leaders and intellectuals who preyed on the young and naïve minds of this nation. Instead of teaching the youths of this Nation to think for themselves, they taught the youths to think like them. Guided by a clear hatred of Capitalism, individualism, and God these self-proclaimed prophets have ruined a generation of American youths. They took their money, minds, and left them in debt to their new masters, the United States Government.

Now, with no skills and nihilistic views on the world, they gather dust in despair and live off the greatness of the previous generations. All while praising a socialistic utopia that scarred this earth with its capacity for cruelty.

The strides of those great leaders who once faced violence with courage and chose civil disobedience are now replaced with rioters who loot and burn our cities. Fear rules this nation. New warriors of justice cloaked in the tyranny of Silicon Valley roam the Twitter sphere looking for their next target, dead or alive, to stain with their bigoted hate and juvenile ideals. They call those who speak out against their oppressive and illogical hate Nazis, yet it is they who are the Nazis. Hitler would be impressed by their propaganda and their ability to “cancel” their enemies. Not only do they have the backing of the media, but of the Hollywood elites and the universities.

This Country was founded on the idea that the richest citizen is no better than the poorest citizen. We were to aspire to be equals under the law. Now our ideals have deteriorated to a base level of think-

“We are lost. Searching for a light while a torch remains in our hands. That torch that waits to be relit is the constitution and ideals of this Nation’s founding.” continued from page

ing which was first produced when we were nothing but roaming tribes. No longer does this government believe that the poorest man may become the richest man by the sweat of his brow. Instead, this government believes that is the right of the government to decide how to spread the wealth. That a person’s work is not his own to disperse but the State’s.

Dignity is dying in this Nation. Most see no difference between “earning” bread from others’ handouts and their own with sweat. In fact, those who work hard enough not only produce bread for themselves, but for those under them as well. These producers are labeled parasites that feed off the poor. This lie has corrupted this great Nation. It rots the minds of our youths with an odor of arrogance. We are lost. Searching for a light while a torch remains in our hands. That torch that waits to be relit is the constitution and ideals of this Nation’s founding. These ideals still ring true today. Freedom for all. Rewards for those who sacrifice and work. Risk takers and decision makers are those who should lead. Not those who can provide eloquent speeches and spend a year deciding whether statues of Abraham Lincoln should come down. The Past is the past. We must learn from it. We must grow from it. We must not let it overcome us. The sins of our forefathers are not our own, just as their successes are not our own. We must press forward on this great experiment we call the United States of America. The face of this nation has changed, but the heart remains the same.

I will not allow this Nation to fall into tyranny. I will not allow my freedom to become a possession of the government. My fate is my own. Only God knows where my destiny lies. I shall never surrender my freedom to any government. In the words of Patrick Henry, “Give me Liberty or Give me death.” The only question that remains is will you join me? Will you create your own path, or cry that some have more than you? Risk failure for the chance of success or wait for that next check from the government. You are a creation of God, not some stardust wandering in a pool of nothingness. Together we can do anything. Alone we shall perish. The torch is in our hands now. It is our fate to decide what happens. Shall we let it die or blaze anew?

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