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Montgomery County Prepares to Lower Millage Rate

Because of the increase in the net digest value on local property, the Montgomery County Commission plans to lower the millage rate, the tax rate used to calculate individual property taxes each year, from 15.458 to 14.7. The Montgomery County Commission will hold a meeting to set the millage rate on Friday, August 27, at 11:30 a.m. at the Montgomery County Adult Literacy Center.

For the past five years, the net digest value in the county has had minimal change, averaging $180,000,000. However, the 2021 net digest has dramatically increased, rising to $198,854,677, because the countywide value of timber has nearly doubled from $3,757,310 last year to $6,028,189 this year.

Also, the real and personal estate values have risen from $201,008,707 last year to $217,897,379 this year, County Manager Brandon Braddy explained. The Commission plans to lower the millage rate in the county, but even with the lowered millage, taxes will have a 4.78% net tax increase, totaling $133,243 more than last year.

County Commission Chairman Leland Adams commented on this change. “Property values did increase because of the Board of Tax Assessors’ recent reassessment. The Commissioners are considering lowering the millage rate to lessen the tax burden created by the reassessment. However, the effect of the proposed millage rate will depend on each property owner’s respective property value.”

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