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the playoffs. Lyons Mayor Willis Neesmith made a statement on behalf of the City to the teams about the pride the community shares for them. “Being the best in the state requires total commitment, dedication, and personal fortitude from the players, coaches, and parents,” he said. Mayor Neesmith encouraged the community to congratulate these individuals when seen in public for their success in sport and representation of the city of Lyons. The Council passed a variance allowing the second location of the Step by Step Child Care and Learning Center to place a mobile classroom on their current property at 411 West Wesley Avenue. This business is owned by Chelsea Diaz, who explained the need for this mobile classroom was to increase compacity and give the children more space. The variance was necessary because the location is in an R-1 zone, which prohibits both multiple dwellings on one lot as well as manufactured homes. Because both buildings will be in use for the daycare, the Council passed the variance unanimously with the only limitation being that this variance is voided if the property is no longer inhabited by the business. This limitation is to ensure that no overcrowding of housing in the lot occurs, meaning no one may buy the lot and transform the classroom into a rental home.

Republic Sanitation Services representative Amy Vassey introduced herself to the council to explain the resource that Republic is for the city. She shared that Lyons currently has a new garbage truck driver, Rashawn Brown, who is enthusiastic about working and actively learning the route; thus, Vassey asked the public to be patient with his progress.

City Manager Hall further stated the importance of Republic’s service in the community; “I know you probably feel like you do not see them as much as you should, but the city and Republic Services work closely to ensure the sanitation of the community,” he explained.

The Council’s next meeting will be August 17 at Lyons City Hall; this meeting will discuss a requested change in zoning for the creation of a bed and breakfast.

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