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Why the Silent Majority Is Turning Angry

Americans are an easygoing lot. We let bygones be bygones. If crazy Uncle Bob wants to rattle on at Thanksgiving dinner about global warming in the middle of the coldest winter in twenty years, we politely ask for more cranberry sauce.

We have been known as “the silent majority.” We vote pretty often, but we don’t donate to politicians or volunteer on campaigns. And we certainly don’t protest at City Hall.

But this good nature is predicated on our government playing by the rules and staying out of our lives. (Watch the fun when someone from the government knocks on our door and offers to help.) We’re old enough to have been taught about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in school, and we know that without fair and consistent rules, a successful society can’t exist.

So when we see a systematic assault on our American rights that has a major impact on our daily lives, we start to wake up. And when it continues, we start to get angry.

The problem is that America is a very diverse culture. What is important to me may not be at the top of your list. If I am a man of faith and see attacks on religious freedom, someone who is a gun enthusiast might not care very much. But if someone tries to take away his rights to bear arms, watch out!

It looks as if the silent majority is finally seeing the writing on the wall. We are realizing that if we do nothing when the government comes for our neighbor, then there will be no one left to help when the government comes for us.

The left’s control of the media, social media, and the government has allowed them to go after pretty much everything that is American, starting with every tenet of our Bill of Rights.

Freedom of religion, free speech, free press, freedom of assembly, and freedom to petition our government for grievances are all included in just the First Amendment. We are now told where and when we can worship. We are limited in what we can say and our press has become simply a megaphone for government propaganda. We are restricted to where and when we can meet, and our government officials ignore us when we ask them to follow their own laws.

New American citizens from communist countries are frantically shouting to us that these basic freedoms were the first to go when their former countries were taken over.

The Second Amendment is under everincreasing pressure. When leftists can’t ban specific weapons, they create impossible registration rules and then limit the supply of ammunition. And they gleefully ignore the fact that the most violent and dangerous cities are those with the strictest gun laws.

The Fourth and Fifth Amendments talk about search and seizure, self-incrimination, and due process. When Big Tech is watching everything you do, and due process is ignored in favor of politically selective prosecution, your country is on its way to ruin.

The Tenth Amendment is last on the list, but it is one of the most important. Our country is not a single entity, but a collection of states entitled to manage things as they see fit. Our federal government is taking unprecedented steps to expand its power and force all states to conform to their new rules. continued from page

The above may sound like a dispassionate lecture on American constitutional history, but when government overreach affects our daily lives in an arbitrary and unfair manner, we silent majority Americans start to get angry. It started in our schools when our youngest children were exposed to liberal sex education indoctrination and our older college students were taught that “all whiteness = inevitable racism.” A successful society must have laws that are enforced fairly and evenly. When we saw riots and looting that went unpunished, and now see a massive big-city crime spree ignited by an end to cash bail rules, we know our way of life and the future of our children are in jeopardy. How can any business survive if shoplifters can walk away with $998’s worth of merchandise with impunity? We all have sympathy for people in other nations who live in poverty. But there are rules for entry to our country; otherwise, we will have 300 million people coming in from South America alone. Ignoring our border rules means an inevitable increase in crime, drugs, and disease and an overwhelming of our government assistance systems.

We rely on free and fair elections. When citizens feel that their leaders are not listening to them, they know they can change their representatives at the ballot box. But when rampant cheating, hacking, and fraud are obvious, we realize we are helpless against an out-of-control government.

The final straw was with the COVID pandemic. As good-natured Americans, we did what our leaders asked to “slow the spread,” but soon we realized that the harm of the shutdowns, closed schools, and unproven vaccines outweighed the benefits. When people started telling their personal stories of vaccine side-effects, we realized that forcing people to take an experimental injection against their will, especially if the safeguards and proper oversight are being ignored, is a threat to their very lives. And using back- door mandates from employers and schools has every thinking American crying “foul.”

The new Angry Majority is showing up and shouting loudly in local school board meetings, demanding an end to liberal sex indoctrination and Critical Race Theory. They are coming to city councils in record numbers demanding more funding to their local police and are signing petitions to recall governors who have exceeded their authority with insane COVID rules.

Woke corporations who are currying favor with leftist elites are seeing a serious financial backlash from citizens who feel that a carbonated beverage should have zero political views and insist that basketball players should not be wearing political slogans on their jerseys.

We may not always agree on which issues of fairness and freedom are most important, but we can all concur that when they are attacked, we must band together to protect our country’s future and our way of life.

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