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best things for them was to get to talk with the college age athletes and to see how they handled themselves. They also said that they all had such a good time that they wanted a longer camp, with more information, and wanted to have an overnight camp. Moon said that they all enjoyed it so much that they wanted more.

One of the goals was to be able to give the students practical application of the information that they were given, the ways to use all of the information in their daily lives. There was also a big group of coaches and community leaders that went through the E3 training as well, learning how to model their lives, and to be able to be better coaches, and to better equip their students and athletes to be better adults. Moon added, “This was such a great event, a local driven event, and we could not have done this without everyone that put in their time. We had such a diverse group of adults and students that were there, and I think we did a great job of giving everyone something that they could connect with. We look forward to the next one, and we are already looking at ways to make it even better.”

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