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continued from page increase in ….

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increase in #COVID19 deaths and 10% increase in ( Ho s p i t a l) hospitalizations—just in 1 week. UK (Flag of United Kingdom) has been 96- 100% #DeltaVariant now for 2 weeks, cases (Upwards arrow) for a month. Masks?”

If that reads like a 12-year-old girl wrote it that’s because he littered it with emojis rather than writing like an adult. The mentality of the framing isn’t much better.

The statistics he cited to get the “72% increase” for COVID deaths in one week was for a total of 124 deaths over 7 days, or a little over 17 per day. That number of deaths compared to the population of the UK, 67 million, is a rounding error. But if you say, “Death spiked 72 percent in just one week!” you get a different reaction. Again, both technically honest, one wildly manipulative.

Statistics makes controlling people easy, you don’t even have to lie. How you frame an argument is just as important, if not more important, than the argument itself. Try to keep that in mind next time you’re watching “the news.”

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