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aggressive and 100% dedicated to their journey — some have been found 375 miles upriver in the St. John’s River in Florida. The Roe Shad (female) and the Buck Shad (male) travel together until they reach the end of their journey.

When the Roes and Bucks reach their spawning ground and the spawning is complete — the female will deposit the eggs and, unlike the salmon, the adult fish will immediately begin their journey back to the ocean. After hatching, the young shad will remain in the river until fall, when they’ll begin their journey down the river to salt water.

Lee also said, “You show me a fellow who doesn’t believe in God — let me take him shad fishing and explain the natural habits of the shad that had to be endowed by our Creator. After that, I believe the fellow will do a little soul searching — the shad’s spawning experience can’t just be something that evolved after a ‘big bang’ — no sir,” Lee said. “When you think about it — you must realize that it had to be divinely inspired.”

Shad season is February and March of each year in South Georgia and a special license is required to use a drift net to catch the fish.

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