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COS Biggest Losers Gain $500

COS Biggest Losers Gain $500 COS Biggest Losers Gain $500

The Chicken of the Sea Biggest Loser event was implemented at the request of its employees on March 1 of this year. The goal was to see how many employees could drop some pounds during a ten week period. Kim Gholston, COS Human resource Manager, said, 'The event was a huge success. Over 50 employees participated and that is an awesome number based on our total number of employees.' There were weekly weighins, the company provided weekly prizes and each week's results were posted for all to see. The event started on March 1 and ended on May 3.

The event was so successful another Biggest Loser is planned to start in August to coincide with the company's annual Health Fair kickoff. 'Chicken of the Sea strives to promote Health and Wellness with all employees, and successful programs like this help the company to achieve those goals', Gholston said.

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