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RTCA Tennis Takes On Pinewood

Robert Toombs Christian Academy's varsity tennis teams traveled to Pinewood Christian Academy on March 29. The Crusaders finished the day going 2-4 and the boys went 5-1 in the match. For the girls Katie McDuffie won her match 8-2, Ellie Graham won 8-3, but Carleigh DeFee lost her singles match 8-4. The girls doubles lost three matches. Justin Johnson won his singles match 8-6, Steve McDonald lost 8-4 and Nelson Thigpen won 8-4. The boys also won two doubles matches. “We are improving from match to match and that's what the regular season is about. We will face tough opponents this season and that's what our players need to see to be better prepared for the state competitions. Freshman Drew Vaughn took a match to 14-12 for the win. We had multiple athletes play both singles and doubles matches and that is tough to do in the same day. We were mixing up our groups to get a better feel of where we are as a team,” said Tennis Coach Jacob Lord. The Crusaders will take on Memorial on April 12 for the first Region match of the season.

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