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New England Primer

As you know, children have now been dispatched to government and private schools across the country. The teachers and the educational bureaucrats intend to teach the children how to spell, read, write & perform mathematics functions among other things, which may include sex education, how to cook, how to raise farm animals and how to participate in sports’ programs.

Unfortunately, those lessons will not include any reference to our Creator, because the liberal morons of our country have declared that to be unconstitutional — because of their interpretation of the First Amendment, that says; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…(Does that prevent the teaching of religion in schools? — go figure!) That’s why I said “liberal morons.”

Now, let’s look at what our founders intended for the schools to teach in our country. We’ll start with a little book known as the New England Primer ( pronounced “prem-ur”), introduced in Boston in 1690 by Benjamin Harris and was the first textbook printed in America. It was actually the beginning textbook for students well into the twentieth century, which can’t be denied and is well documented in a 1930 edition. Our “Founders,” as well as millions of other Americans, learned to read from the Primer.

You may wonder why this little book (about 2” x 4”) means so much to me — well, for one thing, it proves that our Founding Fathers were religious men and were mostly Christians at heart. In the Primer, the alphabet is learned using short phrases — for instance, “A” — “In ‘A’dam’s Fall — We sinned all.” When you get to “Z,” it says “‘Z’accheus he did climb the Tree — Our Lord to see.”

The 1900 edition described the impact of the Primer.” “ The New England Primer continued from page

was one of the greatest books ever published. It went through innumerable editions; it reflected in a marvelous way the spirit of the age that produced it, and contributed, perhaps more than any other book except the Bible, to the molding of those sturdy generations that gave to America its liberty and its institutions.”

You know, folks, those sturdy generations, which included some of our founders and early leaders, referenced in the above paragraph, were men and women who are head and shoulders above the leaders we have today. Just the other day someone asked me what I thought of our current leadership in Washington.

“Well,” I said, “in my opinion, our Washington leadership is a lot like a big oak tree that’s surrounded by a lot of pecan trees.” He then said, “I don’t understand what you mean.” Then I said, “To put it in real simple terms — we finally [had] a big Conservative tree in the White House, but unfortunately, it’s mostly surrounded by a bunch of liberal nuts.”

I’ll close with a little trivia. Do you know what the letters “S-O-S” stand for? Well, they don’t stand for anything. The letters were chosen for Morse Code as a distress signal because of their simplicity — “three dots, three dashes and three dots.”

By the way, the alphabet letter “T” in the Primer is “‘T’rust in God at all times, ye people, pour out your hearts before him.” …

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