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Wheeler County Grand Jurors to Report

The following Grand Jurors were drawn for the January 2021 Term of Wheeler Superior Court.

The following jurors are to report to the courtroom on Monday, January 25, 2021, at 8:50 a.m. at the Wheeler County Courthouse in Alamo.

Amanda McLoon Bridges, Jerry B. Brown, Monica Nicole Clemons, Joni Grimes Conley, Debbie Jean Fulford, Chianne Marie Kountz, Andrew Clyde Lawrence, Jennifer Marie Pickle, Candace Nicole Pound, Jimmy Lee Ryals, Jr., Katie Lynn Seabolt, Alexander Ty Vann, Kayona Grace Villegas, Shanita Foskey White, and Selena Fulford Howell; The following jurors are to report at 9:20 a.m.: Michael Lee Palma, Charlotte Renae Abbott, Ronald Veston Screws, Sergio Montufar Flores, Brandi Higingbotham Seabolt, Roseann Moore Brock, Lille Mae Carswell, Heather Gabrielle Gatlin, Bennon Jackson, Leslie Lee Clark, Jr., Terry W. Fountain, Sr., Wanda Kay Connell, James Kennon Ennis, Ada Sue Harrelson Crosby, and Jeanette Gillis Owens; The following jurors are to report at 9:50 a.m.: Jessica Joanna Gibbs, Crystal Dale Johnson, April Mae Turner, Eric Donell Doughty, Thomas Halcot Ford, Martin Thomas Powell, James W. Perdue, Johnny Ancil Troup, Gary Minyard Horne, Joanna Leigh Lawrence, Justin Lamar Nester, Cameron Jacques Cox, Luis Alejandro Mendoza, Michael Wayne Hinson, and Jonathan Andrew Leyland; The following jurors are to report at 10:20 a.m.: Joan Dorothea Shine, James Otis Edward Lunsford, William Christopher Mitchell, Izel McBride, Sr., April Tahiyyah Williams, Shirley Elane Smith, Tina Loretta Hodge, Brian Horace Fowler, James W. Mock, Jr., Andy Ray Brownley, Edgar Vincent Clark, Jamie Dennis Ricks, David Franklin Thigpen, Jesse Lee Harper, and Katie Dixon Hay; The following jurors are to report at 10:50 a.m.: Mary Fordham Sammons, Connor Matthew Dennis, John Morris Mason, David Randal Horne, Betty Lynn Jordan Messick, Martha Joan Floyd, Jerry Oran Johnson, Jr., Devin Andreus Lemon, Martha Regenia Davis, Amy Marie Weatherly, Joshua Martin Smith, Diane Nicole McCoy, Tony Tanner, Juan Horne, and Dominque Chantae Gordon; The following jurors are to report at 11:20 a.m.: Tehona Lillian Sampson, Jhonni Ramirez, Sierra Danielle Thompson, Richard Scott Hancock, Destiny Danielle Cray, Levi Shane Moore, Sharron Simmons Turner, Chesley Daniel Lowther, Lucretia Choi Mobley, Azavion Miguel Williams, Noel Arenvia Cox, Maranda Latasha Taylor, Donald Ray Moye, Laura Ann Adams, and Eric Y. Ramirez.

OCONEE JUDICIAL CIRCUIT NOTICE OF COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS FOR GRAND JURY: You have been summoned to appear and potentially serve your community on the grand jury. Grand juries play a vital role in the criminal justice system and county governance. Failure to appear as directed may subject you to contempt of court penalties.

In light of the COVID- 19 pandemic, the Superior Court has implemented the following precautions to promote your health and reduce the risk of exposure in accordance with the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control, the Supreme Court of Georgia, and the Georgia Department of Health: hand sanitizing stations have been provided, masks are required to be worn at all times inside the courthouse, room capacity has been limited, six foot social distancing measures have been utilized, rooms are disinfected regularly.

If you or anyone in your household is infected with COVID-19, are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or are in quarantine due to exposure to a person with COVID-19, then contact your Clerk of Court at 912-568-7137. You should also notify the Clerk of Court if you are a member of an immune- compromised population (or are living with someone who is immunecompromised), are over the age of 60, or have small children but lack child care due to COVID-19.

You should also contact your Clerk of Court if you: • no longer reside in

Wheeler County, or

• are a convicted felon

and your civil rights have not been restored, or

• are not a citizen of

the United States, or

• will be engaged in

work necessary to public health/safety and no replacements are available to fill the position during this term of jury duty, or • are 70 years of age or

older and request permanent removal from the jury list of Wheeler County, or • are a full-time stu dent enrolled and taking classes or exams on the dates indicated in the jury summons, or

• are the primary care giver having active care and custody of a child six (6) years of age or younger and have no reasonably alternative child care, or • are the primary un paid caregiver for a person over the age of six (6) with such physical or cognitive limitations, or • are a primary teacher

in a home school program, as defined by OCGA 20-2-690(C) with no reasonable alternative arrangements for continuing the home school program, or • are on ordered mili tary duty or your spouse is, or

• are physically/men – tally unable to serve as a juror (physician’s certificate required), or • have already served

as a juror within the last 12 months, or

• have another request

for deferral. Pursuant to O.C.G.A. §15-12-10, if “any person is duly summoned to appear as a trial or grand juror at court and neglects or refuses to appear, or if any juror absents himself or herself without leave of the court, such neglect, refusal, or absence may, after notice and hearing, be punished as contempt of court.” Said person could be sentenced to up to 20 days in jail and incur a fine of up to $1,000.00, at the discretion of the presiding judge.

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