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Blame the Left, Not Trump, for America’s Crack-Up

After years of bitter counterinsurgency, the Left finally has their orange scalp. And they want many, many more.

What happened at the Capitol last week did nothing to change the Left’s hostile disposition toward Donald Trump and his base. It has always seen Trump and his supporters as a malignancy that needs to be cut out of society. It never had any intention of letting Trump go down as a legitimate president, neither does it have any desire to acknowledge the grievances that fueled his rise in the first place. The words “President Trump” would never have entered the history books if not for the Left and its relentless, pathological hatred of anyone to the right of center. If America is heading towards civil strife, it is because the Left — with the complicity of an opportunistic establishment — has slowly but surely nudged half the country into a corner.

The Left has categorized millions of ordinary people who just want decent, honorable lives as “far-right extremists” and “conspiracy theorists” who deserve to be silenced, fired from their jobs, and rendered socially untouchable. These “dangerous people,” held in such contempt by the Left and the ruling elite, retain such fringe notions as “nations should have borders” and “men and women are different.” The Left has been playing a game of “stop hitting yourself!” with these people for years, and in 2016, those people finally had enough.

It is now four years later and his supporters have watched the president they legitimately elected spend every waking moment in office fight a war of succession with a faction of narcissistic psychopaths. Without a single day of rest, the most powerful institutions in the country conspired in a temper tantrum to overturn the will of the people, all in the name of “democracy,” simply because they did not like who the people had chosen. From day one, they have treated Trump like a usurper whose mere election was an “insurrection,” and they have not concealed their disgust for his supporters, whom they regard as

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“racist,” subhuman scumbags.

If Trump’s base is a bit inured by now to the outrage over this “sedition” at the Capitol, perhaps they can be forgiven. After all, Joe Biden spent a whole summer pretending that leftist riots were not happening for the sake of power. He only “condemned” them after his hand was forced, and even then, he had the chutzpah to blame them on Trump supporters, even blaming a Trump supporter who was assassinated by a leftist for his own death. It was the most vile gaslighting conceivable.

America is now being treated to lectures on “civility” and “democracy” from these very same people.

The hypocrisy is obvious and galling, but the Left doesn’t care: their philosophy is “heads we win, tails you lose.” Those on the “right side of history” are permitted to do anything. On the other hand, simply taking up space in the public square is a provocation if you’re on the “wrong” side. They could bash your skull in with a rock, and the media would blame you for getting killed. But so much as complain about this crooked deal, and you’ve engaged in “hate speech” and you must be destroyed. Tucker Carlson’s formulation summarizes how arbitrary it all is: their violence is “speech,” but your speech is “violence.” And by the way, so is your silence. Endorse the official narrative, or else.

Yet the Left’s hostility increasingly has little to do with matters of conviction, which can be altered, if only involuntarily. Amidst the “reckoning” that began this summer, the Left started talking about whites like they were some form of disease. We saw the consequences of this bizarre trend in practice after the Left erupted into war-whooping bloodlust against the Capitol “seditionists,” who, they were disappointed to see, were not immediately gunned down in a hail of bullets. (One of them was, but this was not enough apparently.) Presumably their “whiteness” was a count against them. Biden and his allies are now abandoning any pretense of a desire for “unity” or reconciliation, as if this event is what finally convinced them that Trump is a fascist whose supporters need to be marginalized and silenced. Right. With Trump gone, they will use the Capitol “insurrection” to further disenfranchise his supporters without hesitation. While many on the Right have condemned the Capitol protesters, hoping that by doing so they will be spared, the Left has already launched a propaganda offensive to convince the public that what transpired was one of the worst things ever to happen in American history, and the inevitable consequence of an aberrational presidency. Everyone who supports Trump now, or has ever supported him, is thereby implicated in this “terrorism.” We find ourselves in an unsustainable situation. Millions of Americans never have felt more unwelcome in their own countr y, more disillusioned, or more vulnerable to an unaccountable enemy that hates them with a powerful, homicidal loathing. Their own party has unconcealed indifference and contempt for them. They’re “racists” and “conspiracy theorists” just for existing and having thoughts and perceptions that contradict the propaganda of the people who want to destroy them. If they try to defend themselves by voting, their votes will be dismissed as “illegitimate” and they will be branded enemies of the public.

When your back is at the wall and you’re facing a mob, sooner or later you have to defend yourself before they bludgeon you to death. What we are experiencing is the culmination of an effort to crush any resistance to the Left’s power. After years of bitter counterinsurgency, the Left finally has their orange scalp. And they will want many, many more.

Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_ boose.

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