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City of Alamo Makes Appointments, Approves Contracts Ahead of New Year

In its last meeting of 2020, the Alamo City Council made appointments and approved contracts in preparation for conducting business in the New Year. Meeting December 21 at the Multipurpose Center in Alamo, the Council appointed its newest member, Patricia Woodard, as Mayor Pro Tem. Woodard was elected in November to fill a post vacated by Tommy Spell. He resigned after moving outside the city limits. The Council approved the reappointment of longtime City Attorney Russell Clark and renewed its contract with the accounting firm of Hilliard and Milton in McRae. A request from the Wheeler County Board of Education to utilize the Old City Recreation site for the parking of vehicles by crews working on the construction of the new school gained a nod from Council members, but with limitations. The Council is expecting news about a grant application which would fund improvements at the site. The Council agreed to allow use of the location for parking with the stipulation that should the grant be realized, the BOE would need to find another location for its needs.

The City is now in the process of renovating the Old Recreation Department site and a basketball court is being refurbished and fencing is being installed. Other plans, for which the grant is intended, would further expand development at the site.

The Council authorized the purchase of a new vehicle for the police department at a total cost of $49,250.16, including onboard electronic equipment. SPLOST will cover $36,189 of this amount. A camera system for the vehicle is being funded by fines and fees paid to the department. With the addition of this vehicle, the department will have five vehicles for its five full-time employees and four part-time employees. The Council also approved Chief Roger Bryant’s request for a secure storage compartment for the department’s F-150 truck at a cost of $1,499. This cost will be covered by fines and fees paid to the department.

The Council decided to table a request by the chief for digital radios to replace outdated analog equipment. The cost of this equipment is $2,250, which the chief suggested be paid for through fines and fees. The matter will be revisited in a future session.

The Council heard a report from the Chief for the department’s November activities. The department responded to 368 calls, issued 15 citations, made 12 incident reports and issued 7 traffic warnings. The proceeds from the automated speed enforcement in the school zone amounted to $1,11.25 for the month and fines amounted to $4,192.01.

During the session, the Council approved authorizing Mayor Pamela Lee to accept and process payment from city residents for water and sewer payments as well as taxes.

City Administrator Jeff Floyd reported a busy month with preparations being made for Alamo’s Second Annual Christmas in the City event. The Alamo Fire Department reported eight fire calls, three medical calls, two trees down, and one vehicle wreck.

In other business the Council set meeting dates for 2021: Tuesday, January 19; Monday, February 15; Monday, March 15; Monday, April 19; Monday, May 17; Monday, June 21; Monday, July 19; Monday, August 16; Monday, September 20; Monday, October 18; Monday, November 15; and Monday, December 20. All meetings will be held at 6 p.m. The regular meeting location is Alamo City Hall and meeting locations are subject to change due to the health pandemic.

The Council also approved committee appointments.

Budget: Dondrea Geter, chair, Pamela Lee, Jeff Floyd, Marie Carrillo and Roger Bryant, members.

Administrative: Steve Jones, chair, Patricia Woodard, Pamela Lee and Jeff Floyd, members. Water, Sewer and Sanitation: Harry Lewis, chair, Thomas Lott, Dondrea Geter and Dana Burkhalter, members.

Police and Fire: Patricia Woodard, chair, Thomas Lott, Steve Jones and Roy Hood, members. Planning and Zoning: Thomas Lott, chair, Harry Lewis and Bobby Cox, members. Public Grants and Assistance: Dondrea Geter, chair, Patricia Woodard and Bobby Cox, members. Streets: Bobby Cox, chair, Steve Jones, Harry Lewis, Preston James, members. City Charter: Jeff Floyd, chair, Patricia Woodard, Steve Jones and Pamela Lee, members.

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