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Wheeler Commission Seeking Land for Convenience Sites

Wheeler Commission Seeking  Land for Convenience Sites Wheeler Commission Seeking  Land for Convenience Sites

Wheeler County commissioners are seeking sites for convenience centers that will replace numerous unsightly dumpsters scattered throughout the county.

The goal is to provide five or six trash/garbage collection centers in strategic locations so that citizens will have proximal trash collection sites. The county has already purchased and fenced sites on Snowhill Baptist Church and Mt. Olivet roads with tentative plans to open these sites in January, but additional locations are needed. The Commission is appealing to landowners to consider selling sites for this purpose.

The Commission plans to establish manned trash collection centers similar to systems used in Laurens and Montgomery Counties. Commissioner Danny Clark advised that the sites must be approximately one acre in size. Land that is accessible by a paved road is also preferred.

Commissioners awarded a contract to Divine Inspirations Cafe to provide meals for the county jail. Bids for the contract were accepted last month and the county received four proposals. Commissioner Keith McNeal advised that there was a difference of ten cents between all four bids and that the decision came down to what was allowed by the Health Department.

In order for a business to transport food from its facility to the jail, it must be inspected and have a license on file with the Health Department. Of the four bids, two were from businesses in Wheeler County. Only Divine Inspirations Cafe had a license from the Health Department.

The next Commissioners meeting will take place at the Community Center in Alamo on November 2.

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