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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

Walter E. Williams, John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University: Are today's leftists truly Marxists?

White liberals are useful idiots. BLM, Antifa, and other progressive groups use the plight of poor blacks to organize left-leaning, middleclass, college-educated, guilt-ridden suburbanite whites. These people who topple statues and destroy public and private property care about minorities as much as their racist predecessors. Their goal is the acquisition and concentration of power and Americans have fallen hook, line, and sinker for their phony virtue signaling.

Chet Richards, writer for American Thinker:

Donald Trump and the Tide of History.

In 2016 the Republican Party primaries called up several highly talented candidates for the Presidential nomination. One was an eccentric maverick from outside the political system: Donald Trump. It seemed totally implausible that Donald Trump could possibly be nominated and then be elected president. And yet it happened. Progressives had thought, with the election of Hillary, they were finally about to turn America into a totalitarian one-party state. Trump thwarted them. Progressives went berserk and tried every possible stratagem, illegal as well as legal, to destroy Trump’s presidency. This hysterical reaction of the Left tells us that Donald Trump likely is a pivot of history.

The establishment didn’t select Donald Trump, the American people did. Why? The self-preservation instinct of the American immune system is on the job.

Marina Medvin, capitalist, conservative columnist and political commentator: Twitter kicked me off for saying this but I'm going to double down.

'What kind of person sues nuns,' I asked in a fervent tone. The answer was Joe Biden.

'I can't stand this creep. Between the sniffing and the suing and deceit – there is nothing worthwhile. He's a completely worthless human being. Trash, decay, scum. He brings with him nothing but sorrow and theft,' I ranted on Twitter. I minced no words. …

I wear this suspension proudly, a nice chip on my shoulder. I'm not Catholic, but I have no regrets about defending the Little Sisters from a communist-wannabe tyrant. I would do it again and again and again. This country gave me the greatest gift a country could – freedom. I will be proudly defending my freedom, and yours, with every chance that I get and on any platform that will have me. After all, I'm an American, and that's what we do.

Todd Starne, host of Fox News & Commentary and author: Michelle Obama has a raging case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Mrs. Obama recently announced she had been diagnosed with low-grade depression – but based on that speech last night, I'd say she has a raging case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Perhaps she will be able to come to terms with how awful our nation has been to Black Americans while convalescing inside her $12 million dollar home.

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