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Willie Mays and the Giants— for the third game of the series.

The teams had split two games at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. It was a balmy afternoon in the Bronx. I took the subway out to old Yankee Stadium before noon for the 2:00 p.m. start.

While I don’t recall what time I arrived, I did get in early to watch batting practice with my Western Union pass. It was emotionally stimulating to see Mickey and Willie hit soaring homeruns into the stand’s pre-game, hoping that one of them would connect during the upcoming game.

Because of my lifelong affection for my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox, I was pulling for the Giants, but I was a big fan of Mickey Mantle. It would have suited me fine if both he and Willie had performed in the game as they had done during BP, but it didn’t happen.

For the ’62 Series, only eight homeruns were hit collectively by the two teams: five by the Giants, three by the Yankees, one of those by Roger Maris, but in San Francisco.

Nonetheless, it was a nice memory to have seen Willie and Mickey competing in the “House that Ruth Built” in a World Series game on a balmy Sunday afternoon.

On the way from the stadium back to the subway platform, I bought a San Francisco bobble head doll in honor of Willie and the Giants, my antipathy for the Yankees still intact.

The passing of time has ameliorated my emotions. With a friend, Aaron Boone, becoming manager, I no longer hate the Yankees. In fact, I am pulling for them to win the American League pennant.

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