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to be recognized for their dedication to students and their community,” she remarked.

“A Super Star Teacher demonstrates excellence in leadership in their classroom along with motivation for their students. They show a high level of commitment to not only their students but their community,” O’Connor added.

Students, parents, and other community members have the opportunity to nominate teachers for the award monthly; those nominations are then turned over to sponsors of the award who select each month’s Super Star Teacher. Once selected, Chamber staff, sponsors, and school administrators work together to surprise the honorees with the award and prizes.

Three nominations were submitted on behalf of Sharpton to the Greater Vidalia Chamber Super Star Teacher program, which read: “We have seen the compassion for her students and the behind the scenes work she does and the buying for the students that she has done. Her compassion is a beautiful thing in this world today. I know she had a student in her class that needed supplies and she went and got all herself and just slipped it in and acted like it was hers there all the time. Don’t want to tell anything she does. Helps in everything she can and as far as I have heard from past students she made a change in their lives. Any school, if they knew her, would be very proud to have her as a teacher. She loves and would give her life for any child.”

“Mrs. Sharpton is an example of a teacher leader. She and her team work tirelessly to collaborate and present to our staff the expectations of collaboration. She loves students and her patience is unbelievable. She is nurturing to all students and attempts to meet every different learning need in her environment.”

J.R. Trippe Middle School Principal Eric Mc-Donald also commented on Sharpton. “It speaks for itself for Mrs. Sharp- ton – she is a super star, no question [about it],” he remarked. “She is a passionate math teacher, on top of being a very compassionate and patient teacher.

She loves our students and is heavily involved with our Chief Council, which is our leadership team on campus. She and her teammates are second to none in their collaboration and the work that they put together. Our students are very fortunate to have her and her leadership on this campus, and I am fortunate to be associated with teachers like her. She is definitely a super star.”

The Super Star Teacher program will take a short break during the summer months, but will resume in August, when school starts back.

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