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The old folk use to say, “Pretty is as pretty does!” How true! You can see some folk that are nice looking and well dressed, but they have got a nasty attitude. The word says, “Man looks on the outward and God looks on the heart.” You see outward appearance can fool you. Can deceive you when folks are all painted up, powdered up and white washed. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Some folks, sugar won’t melt in their mouth until you cross their path. Then Katie barred the door! Look out mama here they come! God looks at the heart. The intent and content of the heart. You can’t judge a book byit’scover,whichmostdo. Ido my paper back Christian books and one man got one and read it quickly without putting it down. Mine are short and sweet. Later on he told me that he had bought a book by a celebrity preacher that cost $29.95 that wasn’t as good as mine that cost him nothing. My books are not for sale. We give them away as part of my ministry and the Lord provides the money through giving hearts that donate to my ministry. You can’t judge man’s way. God tells us not to judge. We judge wrongly. This church had ten year old children in this group and they had two fancy wrapped gifts and one brown paper bag. So three children had to pick. Of course the first two picked the fancy packages and the last girl got the brown bag. Well the fancy ones had nothing in them, but the plain old brown bag had a nice gift inside. Just goes to show you that it’s the content that matters. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “One day that folk would not be judged by the color of their skin but rather by the content of their character!” Can you say amen?


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