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year, and a winner was declared who will also get the chance to head to Akron, OH, for The All American Soap Box Derby. Run What Cha Brung

The Run What Cha Brung was also back this year and ran on Friday night down Derby Hill. In this race participants build their own contraptions and race them down the hill for bragging rights. There was also a block party and all involved had a great time on the night.

Local Race

This year there were again three different divisions that raced down the hill with the Stock, Super Stock and Masters all vying for their chance to head to Akron. There were over 40 cars that took their turn on Derby Hill with three winners being declared to take on Akron.

There were again a lot of familiar names that worked their way toward the finals. In the Stock division, Isaac Pickels took home the title, for the second year in a row Chessley Horton took second place, Janna Hutcheson came in third place, and Weston Claxton came in fourth place.

Pickels said, “Just kept low and things went well today. I feel good about getting to go to Akron, and am looking forward to it.”

In Super Stock, Taylor Copeland took home the title, second place went to Kenzlie Dixon, third place was former winner Alyssa Head, and fourth place went to Natalie Pittman.

Copeland stated, “It just takes a lot of practice and it worked out for me today. I have been to Akron before, and I am excited to get to go back. It is always a good week, and it should be another fun one.”

The winner of the Masters division was Alexis Head, a former Super Stock winner and last year's third place racer. Kiley Williamson finished in second place; she won the Super Stock last year. Noah Gordy, also a former winner, was third, and Lily Barfield took fourth place.

Head said, “I am really excited. I have been trying to win the Masters for the past three years, and to get it this year was great. This is going to be my last year racing so it makes it even more special. I am looking forward for another trip to Akron, but I'm ready for the trip and the races so hoping I can bring home a win.”

Race Director Jonathan Gordy said, “It was a tough day. We were just about to start calling races when the rain came, but as soon as it let up we got the cars going, and we are happy to have made it to the end before more rain came. I am so proud of the kids and the parents for everything they did today. I also have to thank all of the volunteers for making this race happen every year. We are excited to get back to Akron, and we can't wait for July.”

The greatest gravity racers in the world will come together at the world-famous Derby Downs Track in Akron, Ohio, July 14-20 for the 86th running of the First-Energy All-American Soap Box Derby. Champs from around the world will reach speeds in excess of 30 m.p.h. as they race down the 989' track in hopes of earning the title of World Champion.

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