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Yumion Breaks the Case

Yumion Breaks the Case Yumion Breaks the Case

One day Yumion the Onion was in New York city and received an anonymous message. The message looked like this:

I am going To send you On a scavenger hunt, but the thing is if you don’t complete it in time I Will reveal your biggest secret. The first clue that you Need to find is in thiS letter. If you decide to Quit this scavenger hUnt, something even worse will hAppen than just a secRet being revEaled. Good luck.

At first Yumion was a little puzzled, and he wondered who sent this anonymous letter, and how this person knew that he was in New York. He decided to ignore that though, because his biggest secret was on the line. He then noticed that in almost every sentence there were several bold, underlined letters. He rewrote the letters like this: TOWNS SQUARE. Yumion had figured out the first clue of his scavenger hunt; he needed to go to town square to find the next clue. So Yumion went to town square as fast as he could. Whenever he arrived there he looked around and he didn’t find anything. Then he looked around at all of the billboards and he saw a picture of himself. In the picture it said Yumion is in trouble, he needs to find his next destination. In order to do so though, he must follow my riddle. Then, he will save his reputation. Here is the riddle: I am tall and green, my torch lights up with a gleam, I may look like I am out of a dream, but things are not as they seem.

'What the heck?' Yumion mumbled under his breath. “ I am tall and green, my torch lights up with a gleam, I may look like I am out of a dream, but things are not as they seem,” Yumion repeated the riddle, then it hit him. “The Statue of Liberty,” he shouted. He ran to a taxi and shouted, 'Please let me in!” Then the taxi door opened and Yumion hopped inside, then he said “Take me to the Statue of Liberty please.” The taxi driver looked dumbstruck. 'Have you never seen Yumion?' “Nope,” the taxi driver said, now looking alarmed. “Nevermind,” Yumion said, “just please get me to the Statue of Liberty as soon as you can.” Then the taxi driver pulled off. Yumion sat in the back seat anxiously waiting, almost 15 minutes had passed when the taxi driver pulled over. “Here we are,” the driver said, looking relieved that Yumion was about to leave. “Here is $10,” Yumion said while hurrying out of the car. Then Yumion started thinking about where he could find his next clue, then someone yelling interrupted his thoughts. 'The Statue of Liberty is now reopened, come on in if you would like to climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty and see things from that perspective!” the tour guide yelled, obviously hoping more people would join the tour.

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