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papers in the garden underneath pine straw, bark or mulch to prevent weeds from growing and choking out flowers, vegetables or shrubs.

Window Cleaner — Old discarded newspapers are effective in removing streaks and leaving surfaces shiny when cleaning windows and glass surfaces.

Fire Kindling — Crumple old sheets of newspaper and place under layered brush piles, then ignite the paper to burn the mound.

Composting Material — Shred old newspapers and add the carbon-rich paper to compost heaps.

Recycle — Newspapers can be recycled and turned into other paper materials.

There’s nothing like the gentle rustling sound of the pages of a newspaper, and there’s nothing like staying informed with local, regional and national news — with the confidence of knowing that the content is factual and not contaminated with opinion (except for the opinion pages, of course). I encourage you all to move forward into 2024 and rediscover the timeless pleasure of newsprint — an enduring tradition that marries the past, the present and the unfolding stories of tomorrow.

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