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in excess of 100 million dollars. The Super Stars can’t count all the money they make. Even so, many of them squander their fortunes.

You think about the ole timers who didn’t save any money and didn’t invest any of it and had to eek out a living with pedestrian jobs that barely kept them off relief rolls.

Then there was Ty Cobb, who bought General Motors and Coca-Cola stock which made him a wealthy man. Cobb’s success is a reminder that there has always been opportunity in sports if you take advantage of your options.

While I do not know the details of the contracts that the players and the clubs engage in today, it sure seems that everybody is making money. The owners certainly don’t experience any red ink today if they own a Big-League ball club.

The pure fun of the game, dating back to balls wrapped in friction tape and bats repaired over and over, has remained the same. Kids no longer choose up sides and play for the fun of it.

They have parents and coaches who are reminding them that if they play well enough, they might make it to the Major Leagues and earn a hundred million dollars and retire before they are forty years old.

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