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a program that has lost only two games in three years and will be in the hunt this fall for another national title.

In the space of seven years, he has become the greatest football coach in history of the state of Georgia with two national titles and a runner-up.

To begin with, it is really difficult to win a championship, and when you win one, you have to experience a lot of luck. Just check the record book. It took Vince Dooley 16 years to win a national title; Nick Saban needed 14 years, Darrell Royal, 16; Bear Bryant, 19; Woody Hayes and Dabo Swinney, 9.

Let this sink in. Kirby played for a national title in only his second season. That’s incredible!!

Age is on Smart’s side. He is only 48 and has not lost a step. He is on top of his game and as his indefatigability gathers momentum, he is a creative thinker and will always seek to be more efficient and to improve on what he is doing. If there is a better mousetrap out there, he will find it.

Recruiting requires maximum energy commitment and management of countless details. While recruiting is the key ingredient to success in his view, you only need to watch him on Gameday to know that as an intense competitor, he hates losing.

There is plenty of exciting action around the campus, and there is the Masters scene the first full week in April, which is a global backdrop offering to the world the best in golf competition—the first major championship of the spring.

All we need from this point is good weather.

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