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main number one. We have to ensure that Georgia’s tax structure is advancing that goal by making fiscally sound investments in longterm growth and job creation. Other states are putting regular review processes in place to make sure their tax strategies maximize their own competitive advantages. We should do the same.

Our plan is also the best way to make additional cuts to our state income tax over the next few years. Regular review can identify tax incentives that are wasteful, ineffective, or that have outlived their usefulness. Reforming or ending these wasteful programs makes it easier to cut the state’s income tax rate. We each share that goal, and we want to accomplish it in a way that does not jeopardize the state’s economy or fiscal health.

Transparency also breeds accountability, and we welcome it. The legislation will require that a summary of the estimated amount of tax revenue lost to specific incentives be included in the annual budget document provided to each of the legislators every session. Including this information in the budget will make our state’s tax policy more accessible for lawmakers and the public. Simply put, Georgia families and business owners deserve to see how their tax dollars are spent and what industries benefit from tax incentives. The people of Georgia have placed their trust in us, and we owe it to them to be wise stewards of their hard earned money.

Lt. Governor Jones is the President of the Georgia Senate. Senator Chuck Hufstetler serves as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. Senator Blake Tillery serves as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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