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Toombs Co. Superior Court Initiates Online Notification System

Toombs County Clerk of Superior Court Nancy Pittman has announced that the office has activated a new online notification system, which will allow citizens to monitor activity regarding their property and records.

The Filing Activity Notification System (FANS) has been implemented in Clerk of Superior Court offices across the state, and has already been introduced to neighboring counties, such as Montgomery and Wheeler. FANS equips Georgia citizens to opt-in to electronic notifications when any sort of filing activity is completed involving their property or name. The System stated that the notifications are not guaranteed to be accurate or complete, and that by utilizing the service, users acknowledge that possibility of inaccuracy.

To get started, interested citizens should visit the online webpage found at https://fans.gsccca. org, and follow the site’s prompts. If any questions arise while completing the questions, users are asked to call the Georgia Clerks Authority at 1-800-3045174, or to email the Authority at help@gascca. org.

Upon the announcement, Pittman spoke on the new service. “We hope you find this service to be beneficial as the Toombs County Clerk of Superior Court’s office continues to explore and implement new ways to improve services delivered to the citizens of Toombs County,” she commented.

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