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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

Mia Cathell, reporter for Townhall focusing on fact-checking and investigative stories: Did Fani Willis conspire with Biden's White House? We may find out soon.

House Republicans recently called on Willis to disclose her crew's contacts with the J6 committee. Willis refused, claiming the request 'violates well-established principles of federalism and separation of powers.' She told House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH): 'You cannot — and will not — be provided access to any nonpublic information about this.'

Brad Slager covers politics and the business side of the Hollywood industry: A newspaper is failing, a conservative saves it, and journalists are upset.

Considering that avowed political affiliations in news rooms are at a 10/1 imbalance, the gnashing of teeth over a conservative buying one newspaper in this country is rather amusing. The very idea that a competitive ideology might dare to have a voice is a sophomoric response, yet this is where we are today. It is almost regarded as the better option for a paper to go under and reporters lose work, rather than to have a rightleaning owner keeping the lights on and the paychecks flowing.

Kurt Schlichter, political commentator and author: Foolish republicans are about to get fooled again.

Stop trying to do immigration deals with the Democrats.

You’re bad at it – very bad. I know that the Senate is full of lawyers, but you’re bad lawyers because you wouldn’t be in the Senate if you were good lawyers who knew how to negotiate. You make terrible deals. If I made deals like you, I’d be driving a 1994 Yugo held together with duct tape and COEXIST bumper stickers.

Stop trying to do immigration deals with the Democrats. They always end up stealing your pants, and you end up hanging from the high school flagpole by your undies.

Derek Hunter, Washington, DC, based writer, radio host and political strategist: Republicans need to be running ads on this RIGHT NOW.

The Biden administration fought to remove two-and-one-half miles of razor wire from the southern border that Texas put up to at least slow the invasion, and they won (at least for now). The US-Mexico border is 1951 miles long, and 2.5 miles of it being secure was too much for Biden, so much so that he actively worked to free it up. Illegals can flood over at either end of those 2.5 miles, but that’s not good enough.

[Peter] Doocy [Fox News] asked about this, what the administration was hoping to accomplish by “un-securing” the only secure part of the border and got a worthless word salad tossed back at him. No followups, no add-on questions from anyone else there.

“Why isn’t this a bigger story?” isn’t the question to ask. It’s “why aren’t Republicans flooding the airwaves to tell the public about it?”

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