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any cost, thanks to the idea of involving the construction classes.

“Originally, it was Carol Rice’s idea,” Holman clarified. “We all know Gray – he does a great job with the shop class, and was the perfect option for this project. We’re so grateful for the classes and all of their hard work.”

Meredith, who has taught construction classes at the high school for 4 years, said that this project is much larger than anything the classes have ever completed before. “We’ve done smaller stuff – like some small storage buildings for the high school, but as far as out in the community and spending time out here, this is a first. We load up on the school bus every day and come out here – that’s pretty rare,” he emphasized.

The teacher shared that the SkillsUSA club first began on the project during the week of Thanksgiving Break, and each school day since, the classes have traveled to work on the construction. He estimated that the project will take around two months, and is teaching the classes to use the skills which they are learning in a new format.

“It’s real world – if you were going to build this, it would look just the same – it’s really an incredible learning experience,” he emphasized.

The pavilion is expected to be available for use throughout the upcoming spring and summer seasons, and will be completed by March.

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