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VPD Shares Holiday Safety Tips

Courtesy of Chief James Jermon

The Vidalia Police Department wants to protect you during the holiday season; thus, Chief James Jermon has shared several tips for ensuring that you have a safe and happy Christmas.

Tip 1: The holidays are a great time to get to know your neighbors. If you have not already done so, the holiday season is a great time to get to know your neighbors. Neighbors watching out for fellow neighbors help keep an eye for suspicious activity and make communities safer.

Tip 2: Be cautious in parking lots. Lock your vehicle and hide valuables, preferably in the trunk or locked compartment. Walk in well-lit areas and carry your keys in your hand — do not let your phone distract you.

Tip 3: Shop with friends or family members — there is safety in numbers. Recognize that there is safety in numbers and arrange to shop with friends or relatives instead of going out alone. Make sure everyone remains vigilant and looks out for each other.

Tip 4: Take precautions to protect your home during the holidays.

Is there an alarm in the home? If a burglar sees an alarm sign or stickers, they usually think twice about striking that home. What’s in the trash? Is the box from the new 60” HD TV prominently displayed on the curb, awaiting trash pickup? While on vacation, wait until you return home to post your pictures on social media. Ask your neighbor or someone who is trustworthy to look after your house and to retrieve your mail or newspaper.

Tip 5: Celebrate responsibly and obey traffic laws. Please don’t drink, then drive. Get a ride with someone who is sober if you do plan on drinking. Have prearranged transportation available. Speed Kills — slow down. Get to your destinations safely, and always wear your safety belt.

Use these tips to help make sure your holiday season is filled with joy and peace; however, do not hesitate to reach out to the Police Department if necessary at (912) 537-4123, or through 911 dispatch. And remember: “If you see something, say something!”

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