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Presidents of these universities mouth mindless, antiliberal, woke slogans while students speak out and demonstrate in support of atrocities committed by terrorists.

We would be mistaken to think this is a phenomenon and problem limited to our universities. Students are already arriving to our universities indoctrinated in our public schools and culture at large with distorted, destructive values.

In a Wall Street Journal/ NORC poll from March this year, only 38% said patriotism is “very important,” compared to 70% who in 1998 said it’s very important.

Among those under the age of 30, only 23% said patriotism is very important.

Regarding religion, 39% said it is very important, compared to 62% in 1998.

Of those under 30, only 23% said having children is “very important.”

Does the major decline in the values of religion, patriotism, family and children point to something happening in our culture we should worry about? I think yes.

Does it have implications on our national security? I think yes.

Military recruiting officers testified last week before the Senate Armed Services Committee on personnel. The Army fell short of its recruiting goal by 25% in 2022, and the Army, Navy and Air Force all failed to meet recruiting goals in the fiscal year that ended in September.

Per Gallup polling earlier this year, 60% expressed “a great deal/quite a lot” of confidence in the military, compared to 82% 20 years ago, in 2003.

War is about life and death. Abortion is about life and death. War is about values that go beyond self. Abortion is about values that go beyond self.

Tuberville may have caused inconvenience to hundreds of officers in line for promotion.

But if those officers do not see or understand the importance to our nation of the pro-life values to which Tuberville has drawn national attention, this is a sign of a major problem in national security.

I cannot imagine a healthy military guided by officers who do not appreciate the sanctity of life.

Tuberville may have lost this battle. But he shined light where light must be shined.

Our future depends on the values Tuberville has championed.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.” Her recent book, “What Is the CURE for America?” is available now. To find out more about Star Parker and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at www.creators. com. COPYRIGHT 2023 CREATORS. COM

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