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Got a complaint? Got a compliment? Call Your Mind On Line at 537-6397 and let us know what’s on your mind. Quotes are printed exactly as they are called in and are not necessarily factual, but rather, callers’ opinions. Libelous, slanderous, personal attacks, and unfounded accusatory or lengthy comments will not be printed.

Two calls per week per caller, and calls should not exceed 30 seconds, please.

“Men, It’s Christmas. When you see a girl or woman struggling to lift or move something, please don’t assume that she is a women’s libber. At least offer to help her. Please show that chivalry is not dead in Vidalia. (Does anyone still teach what chivalry is?)” “Remember: Hamas had 240 Israeli hostages. During the temporary pause, they released about a hundred, and they returned the bodies of a few who had died. The pause ended because Hamas couldn’t find any more hostages to release; Hamas misplaced 140 plus hostages.”

“I filled up just before the tax suspension expired, $2.64 per gallon, now it is $2.92 per gallon. Although the pump prices have risen, thanks to Gov. Kemp we have had cheaper gas. Kemp would be good for the nation as Prez.”

“All I want for Christmas is for Durden Street to be paved.”

“The US Army is having such a difficult time recruiting that it’s begging soldiers who were kicked out for refusing to get vaccinated against COVID- 19 to rejoin.”

“Rosalynn Carter’s death is being given more hype in this country than Queen Elizabeth’s did in England. Why? To take your mind off all the terrible things the Democrats have accomplished in the last three years.”

“UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMP, the biggest tax cuts and increase in child tax credit in American history, relief for the middle class and small business. Simplified the tax code. UNDER JOE BIDEN, the highest personal income tax rate on hardworking Americans. Forcing family farms, ranches, and other generational businesses to sell their assets to pay an unfair tax bill.

Wants to spend millions to hire more Internal Revenue Agents to find ways to take more middle class money.”

“I think the city could spend money more wisely than $3000 a week for a city manager or any other office.”

“We had 3 special events happen this year. Black Lives Matter but blacks are killing each other, the hottest summer we ever had on record, and Joe Biden is the sorriest president we ever had.”

“Whoever put the ad in the paper about Jesus is coming soon, thank you, but you need to look out. Jesus is already here.

God is coming next.

People need to wake up. Thanks for the ad.”

“It took Parker’s 2 weeks to lower his prices. It took less than 13 hours to raise the prices. Parker’s gets my vote for [inaudible] Toombs

County Award.”

“The article in the Nov. 29 issue about making syrup from sugar cane was a mighty fine article. I enjoyed it, but I was terribly surprised when I did not read in there about drinking cane juice, or did I miss that line?”

“I’d like to know how we can afford a brand new golf course but we can’t have clean water in our city.”

“I wish that the person in charge of the railroad that crosses W. Oxley Dr. in Vidalia hadtogo across it 10 times a day, and they would get out there and fix that crossing where it’s not like driving across a corn field where it’s bumpity bumpity bumpity.”

“There is a young black man working at Vidalia Food Lion. He meets, greets, and offers to help everyone and does it with a big smile. I know it’s not easy to find time for everyone. Merry Christmas, Duwan.”

“I’m calling again about the problem with litter around the Industrial Park. We all know where this litter is coming from. Bags full of garbage up and down the side of the road at the Industrial Park. If this could be addressed, it could be cleaned up quickly.”

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