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tures. Time and time again, she cared for “the least of these” of our world.

She also played the role of loving mom and grandmother to her family. I watched her memorial online and smiled when her grandson, Jason, got up and talked about how down to earth she was, and how she was like other grandmothers in so many ways.

“Almost all of her recipes call for mayonnaise, for example,” he said. “We all got cards from her on our birthdays with a $20 bill in it.”

The mourners gathered in the church laughed.

“We were on a family trip, and we were on a flight — on Delta, from here to somewhere — and we were all sitting in the back of the airplane together,” Jason recounted. “The plane took off and we looked over, and my grandmother took out this Tupperware of pimiento cheese and this loaf of bread, and she just started making sandwiches. She gave them to all of us grandkids, and then she started giving them to other people on the plane. And people were just sitting there like, ‘Rosalynn Carter just made me this sandwich!’ You know? They couldn’t believe it.”

Jason Carter’s story says it all — how she loved people, and how she knew that through love and small acts of kindness, she could make her mark on her family, and on the world.

And that’s exactly what she did. Rosalynn Carter made a profound impact as a first lady, a mother, a grandmother, and a human being, and she did it with grace and a smile on her face. Her work is done now. May she rest in heavenly peace.

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