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VHS Tops Graduation Rate Again

Courtesy of Vidalia City Schools

In a year when Georgia's high school seniors recorded another historic four-year graduation rate of 84.4%, Vidalia High School continued to top the state rate with a four-year graduation rate of 92.6%, as announced on Tuesday, October 10.

'Although the graduation rate is only one measure of how we are performing, we're proud that our students continue to graduate at a rate that far exceeds the state average,' said Vidalia High School Principal Bruce Mulkey. 'Our cohort graduation rate reflects a body of work over the last thirteen years (K-12) that all of our stakeholders share responsibility and should celebrate.'

A total of 107 Georgia school districts recorded graduation rates at or above 90%. Georgia's statewide graduation rate has increased by 14.7 percentage points since the state began using the adjusted cohort calculation first required to be calculated in 2011 by federal law.

Vidalia School Superintendent Dr. Garrett Wilcox said that although there is still work to be done, he is pleased with the news. 'While the goal is ultimately a 100% graduation rate, I am happy with the information that we have once again topped the state average. A lot of hard work by the teachers, staff, administration, and parents has made us successful year after year.

Vidalia Assistant Superintendent Dr. Sandy Reid echoed Dr. Wilcox's statement, 'While we will never quit striving for 100% graduation rate, we recognize all the hard work of our staff, parents, and community that has gone on to have a graduation rate significantly higher than the state average. We are proud of the work that has gone into this graduation rate and look forward to the work required to watch it climb higher with each passing year.'

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