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VHS Runs At Bleckley Invitational

Courtesy of VHS

The Vidalia High School cross country team competed in the Bleckley Invitational last week. The Bleckley County Invitational provided an opportunity for these athletes to showcase their abilities on a challenging course.

Congratulations to Georgia Meredith for her outstanding performance at the Bleckley County Invitational! Placing 6th in a competitive cross country race is a remarkable achievement and a testament to her dedication, hard work, and talent as a runner. Sadie Siegmund and Dra'Shiyah Jackson also competed well.

Andrew Hodges' 12th-place finish is a noteworthy achievement. Competing against a competitive field, he demonstrated both physical prowess and mental fortitude. Cross country races are known for their unpredictability, and Andrew's ability to maintain a strong position is a testament to his training and determination. Similarly, Jude Owen's 17th-place finish is a remarkable accomplishment. Cross country running requires athletes to push their limits, and Jude's performance on this demanding course reflects his resilience and athletic ability. Placing 17th in a competitive field is no small feat.

The contributions of Cash Driggers, Liam MacGregor, and Chamlee Evans are equally commendable. Cross country is a team sport, and their placements help solidify the team's overall standing with a 5th place finish to Bleckley County, Jones County, Benedictine and Stratford Academy. Their determination and hard work in the race undoubtedly played a crucial role in the team's success.

Competing against some of the top teams in the state is a true test of skill and determination. It's a reminder that cross country running is a sport that demands the best from its athletes. These performances highlight the depth of talent on the Vidalia High School cross country team and the dedication of its members.

Coach Mandy Godbee said, “The Bleckley County Invitational provided an opportunity for these athletes to showcase their abilities on a challenging course. Their accomplishments are not only a reflection of their individual talent but also a testament to the coaching, support, and teamwork that are integral to success in cross country running.

“As these athletes continue to train and compete, their performances at the Bleckley County Invitational will serve as a source of motivation and inspiration. They've demonstrated their potential and the bright future of Vidalia High School's cross country team. Congratulations to all the runners for their impressive achievements on the course, and may their passion for the sport continue to drive them to success in future races.”

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