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tried to figure out our best course of action. We finally decided to continue driving to her house, keep an eye on the stinging insects, and pray that neither of us got stung.

Thirty minutes later, we leapt from the car in relief. I took my key fob, and with a lot of distance between me and the SUV, I popped open the back and a few mad wasps flew out. I took a long pole and fished out the bird feeder and set it in her yard, then armed with a water hose and with my fastest running sneakers laced upon my feet, I opened the lid to the metal feeder. There it was — a beautiful, paper-like wasp nest the size of my outstretched hand.

As I said, Mom and I won’t soon forget that day — the day we drove a car with a bird feeder full of wasps from Bonaire to Ohoopee and lived to tell about it. We won’t ever make that mistake again. As for us, neither of us feel that we are wasp whisperers or anything special like that. No, those wasps simply had mercy upon us that day, and we are oh so grateful for that mercy. So grateful!

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