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Faith & Blue: - A Night of Unity and Worship

Faith & Blue:

The City of Lyons will host its 4th Annual Faith and Blue event, which promotes unity and reconciliation among the public, on Monday, October 9, at 6 p.m. in the Toombs County High School Auditorium.

Faith & Blue is an event celebrated nationwide to bring law enforcement officers and the community together through faith. The idea behind the event is to create safer, stronger, more just and unified communities by connecting law enforcement professionals, residents, businesses and community groups through faith.

The initiative aims to re-calibrate police-community relations through solutions- focused, in-person activities that are organized jointly by faith-based or other community groups and law enforcement agencies. This year, on October 6-9, cities across the nation will come together in worship to promote faith, fellowship resolution, and reconciliation.

The Lyons Police Department and several local faith leaders have come together for the past three years to promote the event throughout the community, as city and county leaders, faith leaders, law enforcement, and the public all join to sing, speak, and praise God together. For more information on the event, contact Lyons City Hall at (912) 526-3626.

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