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A compilation of quotations on a variety of issues by national, state and regional writers, well-known personalities, just plain everyday people and from various publications collected by the editors of THE ADVANCE.

Quotes for our Times:

Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D, a former Lt. Governor of New York State and author of 'Beating Obamacare': Biden lays a booby trap for a Republican president.

It's a gravy train, paid for by John Q Public. That's sickening enough. But it's even worse when these civil 'servants' put their own leftist leanings ahead of the president and public they're paid to serve.

Bravo to the GOP candidates pledging to take on the deep state — replete with deadbeats and lefties — and return government to the people. It's a worthy fight.

Shame on Biden for protecting bureaucracy instead of democracy.

Not in America.

Byron York, chief political correspondent for The Washington Examiner: The Mystery of the Missing F-35.

Now, the Pentagon needs to inform Americans precisely how this incident happened. Was it pilot error? Was it equipment failure? Some other factor? Given the taxpayers' obvious interest in the functioning of the armed services, and given the extremely serious public safety issues involved, the report should be absolutely transparent about what happened. Most of all, it should answer the question: 'How in the hell do you lose an F-35?'

Matt Vespa, Senior Editor at Townhall. com: Kamala Harris' 'Climate Anxiety' remarks concerning young adults has to be a joke.

'Vice President Harris argued Tuesday that young people are experiencing 'climate anxiety' that causes them to rethink major future plans like having a family due to the environmental impact.'

No, ma’am. That’s not true. Who briefs the vice president? I doubt any staffer with half a brain would tell her it was fine to trot out this misinformation. It’s the state of the economy. And if it’s not the economy, it’s questions about childcare. Polar ice caps melting and other talking points from the Green Warriors aren’t part of the discussion regarding family planning with young Americans. The desire to have kids is strong among younger Americans; they’re just waiting.

This woman is a disaster. Even on the little things, she creates a mess.

Carol Roth, former investment banker, entrepreneur, and author of the new book 'You Will Own Nothing': While you struggle with inflation, smug elites say, 'Let them eat cake!' The Federal Reserve and the government have worked together to legally plunder your wealth. They have extracted wealth from Main Street and transferred it to Wall Street. They have put your American Dream at risk, they have not acknowledged their mistakes and they have no plans to address any of the foundational issues, from bad energy policy to outrageous debts and deficits, that would fix our foundational economic issues over the long term.

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