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Toombs Implements 911 Text Service

Courtesy of Toombs County Sheriff’s Office

The Toombs County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a new text system to help aid those in emergency situations where a phone call is not the safest option.

The Text to 911 computer system was recently upgraded and allows 911 Dispatch to utilize the app Texty, which allows citizens to send a text message through all mobile providers to 911 dispatch and allows the dispatchers to text back. Also, 911 Dispatchers may respond to a 911 hang up call through text.

The text will always begin with “Toombs County 911” then the message. No app is needed to utilize the service.

Captain Jordan Kight commented on the system. “It is very important for citizens to understand that texting 911 is only practical when a voice call would endanger the person calling 911,” he explained. “As with anything, we are sure that at some point ‘scammers’ will at- continued from page

tempt to mimic the 911 texting app to steal money from you. Remember, we will never ask for money or payment. Please take time to read all the guidelines.”

The new system can communicate with people in both English and Spanish. To contact the service, enter “911” in the recipient field. The first text to the service should be short – include the address of the emergency, and ask for police, fire, or the ambulance. Send the message, and a 911 call center should respond. If the message is not delivered to the call center, texters will receive a “bounce back” message from the wireless caller saying the text is not deliverable. If this occurs, contact 911 dispatch through a phone call.

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